Birla Edutech Ltd. has developed an E-learning product(SMART SCHOOLING) for students of grade I to X, wherein they can learn science and mathematics with the help of 2D and 3D animation, 3D simulations, eLibrary and educational games in collaboration with Computer Business Management (CBM) and Designmate. The objective is to promote Digital learning and Digitization from an early age.

smart learning

by Ms.Puspita Chattopadhyay

The schools initiated by Birla Edutech Limited, firmly reiterate and restore what Tagore called the hallmark of childhood - 'joy of learning 'and the 'creative spirit'. The philosophy is based on the constructivist approach where the learners are actively involved in their learning in a democratic environment. Learning experiences are interactive and student-centred, and progress from known to unknown, concrete to abstract & local to global. A learner at Birla School develops global perspective and life skills that help to excel in his or her desired field.

Our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, dreamt of transforming India into a digitally empowered society through the “Digital India” movement and to transform this vision into reality, Birla Edutech Limited launched the 3D interactive virtual classroom [SMART SCHOOLING], also known as flip classroom, and e-Library facility in Gopi Birla Memorial School, its flagship school, and soon to be introduced to all its 50 schools PAN India.

Birla Edutech Limited has schools throughout the country and they follow a thematic and integrated curriculum and they have planned to integrate the 2D and 3D animated videos and simulations to enrich their curriculum and to set them apart from the rest in the business.

Smart Schooling is actually a smart virtual classroom consisting of 2D and 3D animated videos and simulations which covers topics related to Science and Mathematics as per various curriculums and it sums up to more than 400 hours of 2D and 3D animated video content. It makes learning and studying more creative, dynamic and fun for students.

Each topic comes with a set of multiple learning resources like 3D animated videos, 3D simulations, 3D interactive, 2D interactive, quiz, ../images, text, web-links, glossary and key-terms as one single integrated learning package. In addition, there are a series of lab experiments which can be performed in the ambience of a virtual lab. The 3D animated videos act as powerful visualization tools for easy understanding of complex concepts.

e-library books

Birla Edutech Ltd. is setting up eLibrary in schools to develop reading, listening and speaking skills. The eLibrary is a digital library which contains a rich collection of e-books covering popular classics, animated value based stories, audio visual books, encyclopedias, e-magazines, e-newspapers, NCERT textbooks, and CBSE curriculum based topics and much more.

These e-books are in the form of audiovisuals and multimedia stored in digital format and can be easily accessed through computers or tablet. This program is designed to provide a modern state-of-the-art digital library with over 1000+ interactive e-books with activities to complement the existing library in schools, without using any additional space or infrastructure.