Let's go to ‘Garden’ with the Child

Child Care - Let's go to ‘Garden’ with the Child

By Ms. Aakanksha Mihir Chandan

There is a saying that home is a child’s first school. They learn all the basics of their life at their home. The school is another platform which helps them build a strong foundation of their personality in life. If we think carefully, we can definitely conclude that one place which plays a very important role in a child’s life is the time spent at ‘Play Area’ or ‘Garden’. It’s a place which allows the child to be free-spirited soul and just be himself/herself. No restrictions, no rules and fun time which each child looks forward to. It’s definitely the third school which imparts wisdom for life.

Today’s world is a busy world. Families are nuclear, houses are smaller; time for each other and hearty conversations is getting shorter. Parents once back from offices, are so occupied with either finishing incomplete tasks or planning for next day that they forget about the little child’s need for some special time with them. That little time spent with the child help him/her build a strong foundation mentally, physically, emotionally and morally for a bright and successful future.

So, let’s do the most important and most natural thing for our child.

Let’s go to Garden with the Child.

There are some simple byproducts of our visits to garden or play area with a child. They are so valuable and precious that no money in the world can buy but are gained by just accompanying the child to garden. Like:

  • Physical Activity --> Physical Growth, Tired Body --> Better sleep. The physical activity is a much better option than sticking to couch and watching TV/ mobiles or playing games on Gizmos. Viewing greenery and far off/distant places relaxes eye muscles and brain naturally, leading to sound sleep and better health.
  • Fresh air, fragrance of flowers or damp mud, wet soil after rain is so good for senses that the mood changes and positive impact is immediately noticed in the child.
  • It’s a great idea to let them play in mud at times. The sensory experience of ‘Mud’ stimulates a child’s creativity and sense of adventure. It’s scientifically proved that along with helping to strengthen the immune system, playing in the dirt may lessen a child’s chance of developing allergies. This is because gradual exposure to allergens in your area can allow the body to become accustomed to them.
  • In the Play Area, while playing on different play sets like swing and slide they:
    • Learn to share and care. Contrast to the situation where they have complete access to toys, play area or gadgets, they share the space, play sets and the opportunity to enjoy a game/sport.
    • Learn to wait and be patient. Contrast to the situation where they demand and receive whatever they want an access to, children learn to wait , at times even stand in queue for a play set like; swing, slide or see saw etc.
    • Unknowingly acquire the habit of regularly using courtesy words like: please, thank you or sorry etc while dealing with all the playmates or their parents.
  • Boosts Multiple Intelligences - As per the theory suggested by Famous Educationist Howard Gardner, every child is born with eight multiple intelligences and all these play an important role in building a child’s personality and creating a bright future. Just by taking a child to the garden for may be half an hour daily , a parent can contribute in developing following intelligences:
    • Visual spatial: This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. An open play area is one of the best places to capture uncountable pictures through eyes and process in brain.
    • Bodily Kinesthetic: The basic elements of the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. This also includes a sense of timing, a clear sense of the goal of a physical action, along with the ability to train responses.
    • Interpersonal Intelligence: It is a person’s ability to understand people and relationship. It’s one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. A child learns to lead as well as learns to follow in various situations. Also, acquires the capability to take decisions in various situations where interaction with multiple people is required.
    • Naturalistic Intelligence: It is the ability to recognize and classify the numerous species, the flora and fauna, of an environment. It develops a sense of appreciation and gratitude in life which helps the child to grow as positive minded, optimistic and giving a person.
  • Apart from all the above benefits, this little time spent with the apple of your eye, gives you an opportunity to have heart to heart discussion with your child and listen to him/ her. This little quality time spent with the child will give you the best memories for life time.
    So, leave everything aside, and ‘let’s go to the garden with the child’.

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